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How should we recognize antisimmetric and Pauli rules in

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    :cry: We found that "tidy function" exists, when wave function intepreted as
    fi=X(1)X(2)alfa(1)beta(2) for two electrons is antisymetric and fill Pauli rule. But we were unable to find an simple explanation for it. And believe us, none book was able to "show us the door". Thanks for any explanation or better an "undead" link to this topic. PL.
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    What do you mean by "simple explanation"...?It's a postulate.It cannot be proven,no matter how we would REformulate QM...It gives hypersatisfactory results,therefore it's good as it is. :wink:

    There's a lotta maths behind it...But i think no "simple explanation"... :yuck:

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    What are you asking ? Are you asking : "why anti-symmetric" or "why do anti-symmetric wavefunctions respect the Pauli exlcusion principle ?"

    Or something else?

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