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How tall is the universe?

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    As the question hints at, how tall is the universe?

    I know it is thought to be flat, but what is its height?

    Furthermore, are there regions that are taller than others?

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    "Flat" refers to its geometric properties not its physical shape.
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    Hmm - not sure I follow. By geometrically "flat" do you mean that any two regions have the same geometric properties, everything else being equal?

    Back to the question, isn't there a tallest and lowest point (relative to Earth, I guess) and wouldn't you be able to measure height along these lines?
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    I could not explain it better than Space Tiger did. "Flat" does not mean that the universe is shaped like a large disk. "Flat" means that the geometric properties (such as the sum of the angles equaling 180) are Euclidian.
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    Cool. Thanks yall
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