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How the game of baseball can be modifyed in order to be played on the moon.

  1. Apr 5, 2003 #1
    How would i modify the game of baseball in order to play indoors on the moon? I have to assume that the game would be played in a structure that would simulate earthlike air conditions but nothing else regarding the moon's environment. i need to know how the differences in gravity on the moon and on the earth affect the way the game would be played and what modifications should i make.
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    The change in gravitational field strength should simply affect the distance the balls fly. While the ball's mass (and therefore momentum) is unaffected so the ball travels away at the same speed, it should have a smaller acceleration towards the ground. (About 6 times, I think.) This would mean that it takes longer to reach the ground, and thus flys further away.

    Let u = velocity upwards, k = horizontal velocity
    s= -ut + 0.5 a t^2
    0 = -2u + gt
    t = 2u/g

    range = k * 2u/g

    It's clear that the range of the shot is inversely proportional to the strength of gravity. So 1/6 g gives 6 times the range.

    Add to it the complication that people can't walk well in lunar gravity, let alone run, I think we are looking at having fielders drive around in moon buggies instead of running. :wink:
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    How about pitching?
    Does less atmosphere mean you can't throw any sliders or curveballs?
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    No, at least aerodynamically.
    Maybe some sort of gyroscopic effect can be used instead.
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