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How the hydrogen bomb works

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    Anyone clever enough to explain how the hydrogen bomb works
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    Anyone clever enough to know how a Hydrogen Bomb works, would be exceedingly clever enough not to devulge it!

    But the principle is freely available online or in books, the dynamics follow:

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    This site has a great explanation of the workings of a fusion device. There are diagrams on the next two pages.
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    In principle, it's simple enough, and lots of books and web site can explain it in detail. In practice, however, thankfully it's exceedingly difficult to accomplish. It would take a government with substantial resources to make one from scratch. Unfortunately, it may be that some are available on the clandestine arms market.

    Maybe, but still doubtful. And as horrific as that possibility is, it's not the greatest threat we face from terrorists. In my opinion, the greatest threat we face is the loss of personal liberty we impose on ourselves out of fear. But that's not physics.
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