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How the spring element in ansys is linked with 3d solid element

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    the spring element in ANSYS can be modeled by combi214, and it can be linked with 1d element(beam and link elements) quite well. in the 'rotordynamics of a shaft assembly based on a representative model of Nelson-Vaugh rotor' a detailed comparison of 2d axisymmetric element(solid273) and 3d solid element(solid186) in calculation of rotordynamics is given.

    However, I can't fully understand the link between combi214 and the solid 186 element using bonded contact pair. Every time I was running the ANSYS, the error is given:
    No surface elements were generated because no exterior face of the selected.

    it is probably caused by the location of bearing is in the middle of the rotor, so the contact pair can't be made. So I wonder how the method is approached in the tutorial without error?

    So how can I model the connection between them? Who has the inp. of the tutorial?

    truly thanks!
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