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How Things Work

  1. Apr 18, 2003 #1
    How Things Work is an excellent introduction into the wonderful world of engineering. I love that book because it not only describes how things work, but also, in the index area, has a small glossary (with TONS of data) of engineering terms. I'm planning to study & memorize all of the terms, then get with the studying of the other things (I have an unexplained interest(craving) in finding out how copy machines work! wierd!)
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    Old thread, but I feel the need to comment.

    I too loved this book, and have recommended it to quite a few people, but I think the price of the book is actually scaring people a bit. For a book, it's rather expensive, and I even had to borrow it before I finally spent the 50 or so dollars on it.

    But I do agree, it's an excellent book, the website with the same name is also very useful to browse on a boring day.
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