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How to achieve happiness of life ?

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    A good-paid job, a house, a car, a pretty wife, obidient children, good friends...............what else?

    Happiness is dependent on things outside OR our heart inside ?
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    I am a person easily influenced by things outside, I can't ignore anything I dislike, it will affect my emotion, create sorrow, hatred etc. in me. Am I a freak ?
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    Happiness=(What you have)/(What you want).

    Say, you want 3000 sf house but you only have 1000 sf one, thus you are 1000/3000 = 0.33 = 33% happy.

    Still 33% is not bad. Some people want so much that they are only 1-2% happy.
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    Happiness = 5'6", 38DD, black hair, green eyes, an IQ above 120, speaks several languages, and doesn't mind my complete geekiness.
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    Happiness can be a practice as much as a circumstance. A recent study of Buddhist practitioners showed that the parts of their frontal cortex associated with happiness were more active than is normally the case. Therefore, whether you consider such "practices" of happiness to be the result of denial or acceptance, scientifically at least the results are real.

    Evolutionarilly speaking, happiness confirs certain advantages. Happy animals tend to mate more often and in general be healthier animals. Depression it is thought evolved in part as a mechanism to inspire wounded and sick animals to seek out a sheltered hiding place and rest until they are healed. The price for depression is a reduction in our immune system.

    Literally, happiness involves harmony while depression centers around disonance. Physiological and psychological stress can lead to permanent changes that reinforce negativity as in the case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Notably PTSD sufferers are sleep deprived due to nightmares, tend to mate less often, and can be violent and anti-social. Their brain develops differently with significant reductions in the areas associated not only with happiness, but those associated with memory and emotional control as well. Many of these physiological changes are, however, reversible if they are not chronic from birth.

    Happiness and unhappiness are attitudes and affects which help the individual adapt to their environment. Happiness can be conceived of as entirely in the moment, but as the physiological evidence suggests it is also a profound adaptation to experience which apparently even has genetic components.

    The overwhelming majority of violent criminals, for example, share similar dna. In the most extreme cases, such people feel no remorse for their violence and actually enjoy violence. A consistent seven percent of all tortorers worldwide, for example, report enjoying their work. Thus, they are psychologically, physiologically, and attitudinally adapted to a violent world.
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    So if I do as Buddha suggests and want nothing but am content with what I have and can have then I'm 100% happy, right.

    "I've found the perfect woman,
    No man could ask for more,
    She's deaf and dumb and oversexed
    And owns a liquor store."
    Woody Woodberry (I believe?)
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    Absolutely correct.
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    Chemically happiness is just amount of antidepressants in brain (does not matter if they are made by brain itself or came from outside source).
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    You have it backwards. In physical terms, happiness is the ground state, the normal state of existence requiring no extra expenditure of energy, while depression is the energetic state requiring constant modification of the ground state. In other words, it is not anti-depressents that cause happiness, it is anxiety and other kinds of hormones in the brain that cause depression and anger. These originate in the brainstem, literally shoot straight up to the top of the skull, and shower down to saturate the entire brain causing instant mood shifts for rapid responses to environmental hazards.
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    Please, provide proof that happiness/joy is NOT caused by antidepressant-type chemicals, otherwise what you wrote about it is plain wrong.
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    It isn't up to me to disprove a little invisible pixie on your shoulder is responsible for your happiness, much less that anti-depressents are responsible. As usual, you claim scientific views yet demonstrate not the slightest understanding of the scientific method. Science looks for proofs, not disproofs.
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    Hmm... Get very very drunk or smoke some joints ?
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    "Don't worry. Be happy."
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    QUOTE]Happiness=(What you have)/(What you want).[/QUOTE]

    If you don't want anything, it is 0, but you have something, so it is more than 1. Division by 0 is undefined, therefore, not happiness.
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