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How to approach a girl at the library

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    There's this cute girl I constantly see at my university library. I would like to meet her but I'm scared of interrupting her. She seems so focused on her stuff and the library is really quiet so I feel weird approaching her. I tried to peak at what she was working on and all I could see were a couple of research papers. Intimidating. I'm not a very extroverted guy and having to approach her at the library just makes it even tougher. There's just something about her that I find really attractive. Any advice?
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    Think of something funny and pass her a note.
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    1) Serenade her

    2) Hire somebody to play a gunman. He threatens to blow up the library. Then you come in as a hero and take him out. When you're asked how you had so much courage, you say "I didn't want anything bad to happen to her"

    3) Walk past her and spill some coffee on her. Offer to pay the bill for dry cleaning. Engage in intellectually stimulating conversation. Ask her out.

    4) Find out what her phone number is. Call her several time a day without saying anything. Find out where she lives and show up in front of her door in the middle of the night. Say that you are the one who called her. She will be so excited to finally know her mystery lover that she will immediately start kissing you!

    5) Just go talk to her, say that she looks so busy and ask her what she's reading.
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    When I was in college, I had the same issue. One day I sat at the far end of her table and started drawing a picture. I'm not an artist or anything, but I just drew an abstract shape with pencil. She looked over a couple of times. When I was done, I wrote on the paper "I got no studying done because you're so cute!". I handed it to her and then walked away.

    A couple of days later I saw her, but sat at another table. She looked over and smiled, and I waved and smiled back. So, a half hour later, I needed to use the men's room. I left my books at the table for a few minutes. When I got back, I was surprised that the book I left open was now closed, but I figured I closed it without realizing it. When I opened the book up, there was a note that said, "are you getting anything done?".

    Obviously, I then had had the opening to go sit with her for a while, and I asked her to have lunch with me.

    I'm not saying do the same thing, but you need to think creatively. There is always some way to make an impression, without being pushy or obnoxious looking. Every girl and every situation is different.
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    Give her money
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    Try and catch her heading in or heading out, you need to be real casual, try and figure out what classes shes in or something and ask her about that to break the ice. There are a lot of creepy guys out there these days so most girls are pretty guarded against the "cold call" approach. You need a lead in, just be confident and the rest will follow.
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    And this isn't creepy how?
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    I actually meet my wife at the library. We didn't start dating there since I wasn't going to be in the Area for long, but I ran into her a few months later and decided she was cute enough for me. Anyway, you should simply stop thinking about it and go up to talk to her. Worse case scenario, everything goes terribly wrong, you become embarrass and pee yourself, but life goes on.
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    My strategy is I just find a reason to say something to them. It has to be a decent reason, nothing stupid, because then they know for a fact you're just trying to find a reason to talk to them and aren't very good at it.

    What I need help with is keeping that conversation going. I find something to say to them, and it's usually pretty good. We then have an amiable exchange, and then.... nothing. It ends there and I never see her again. You have my permission to use my uncreative, unoriginal strategy, but if you find some way to improve on it, such as keeping the conversation going, then let me know.

    It's kinda like juggling. Getting the balls in the air is easy, and it's even easy to catch a few, but to keep it going takes skill.
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    Here's an idea:

    I'm running a study about the effects of a coffee break on students reading [insert title of something she's reading here]. Text or call me at xxx.xxx.xxxx if you're interested!
    Your Name

    Set it next to her as you pass and smile. This way, you've not severely interrupted her studying but communicated your interest without disrupting the quiet library environment. If she contacts you, great news! If not, ah well, maybe another time.

    Please don't forget to give a warm smile.
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    I was studying at the library once when this guy stopped near me, not right next to me but close enough that I looked up. He made a hand motion like drinking coffee, then pointed to the door, then nodded at me and smiled.

    How could I resist :wink:?
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    A great alternative to the note idea, and more my style.

    Wha'dya say, OP?
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    I always wanted to do Evo's suggestion given that I'm a social retard, but doing this in the university library I frequented (the only place I could really study since my apartment was unbearable) would've been extremely awkward if it didn't go down well with them.

    Almost did it the other day at a public library I don't frequent, good thing I didn't (her bf showed up before I mustered the courage to drop the note off).
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    Good post!
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    Wow I'm amazed at the great input. I was expecting more dull stuff to be honest but you guys are real romantics. I don't know if I have the courage to pull off the note thing, I was thinking just saying something casually. The problem is that I don't know how you're supposed to keep a conversation going in the library. By the way, of the people who posted, who is a lady? Picturing yourself in the library, what would you ladies prefer? Honest! By the way, she seems to be a quiet type of girl.
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    I'm a lady and I love money and large topping pizzas from papa johns, especially in libraries.
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    Here's what you do. First of all you put on some good cologne. Then you tip the Librarian to take off the Muzak for a bit and put on some Marvin Gaye. Then you roll up to her on a Segway HT over by her little corner study booth (you need to make an entrance) and say, "Excuse me, beautiful, I'm new here, do you know where the poetry section is? One thing will to another from there, I'm sure.

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    This has to be at least the 5th time I've had doubts and changed my mind about your gender. :confused:
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    mwahahahahaha but nah I'm a dude
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    ohhh dear, Lavabug, you and me both

    WBN, I initially thought you were a guy ... a bit of a bad thought about guys being the best physists (sp?)
    then there were vague was comments here and there that made me change my mind and I thought ... WOW a gal with a brilliant mind, awesome......

    so sorry

    so funny, my face is a deep embarrassed red !!

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