How to attract a babe: The old school of thought

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  3. Now imagine if today's society did that...
  4. ya ... I know what you mean...

    Dating would be much simpler
  5. What do you mean, "Imagine if..."?
    I have met guys that try and win a girl by proving just how hard and thick their skulls are.
    Quite a few, in fact.
    What has really changed?
  6. I hear u man, society wears the make up of civilism but after the night out all ur really left with is primates with panda eyes
  7. "...probably to win females." is pure speculation. Different bands of homo erectus probably had head clubbing conflicts with each other over every concievable thing. Native Americans in the northeast were avid users of the "war club", in classic skirmishes over territory, and Native Americans in the Northwest carved elaborate clubs called "slave killers" that were used in the ritual execution of their slaves. I don't see any good reason to conclude homo erecti were bashing each other in conflicts over females at all. The only thing that can be said is that they were almost certainly bashing each other. Why is not evident.
  8. jimmy p

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    Those crazy homo erecti! I wish i could club people. Maybe i should join the police. There are a lot of idiots and stupid-looking people who deserve to be clubbed. However the people i would like to club usually ARE the thick skulled variety so it would be like trying to date them or something... gotta re-think my strategy? How does running them over sound? :smile:
  9. *clubs jimmy p*

    *hopes to get noticed by the female population of PF*
  10. jimmy p

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    LOL!!! [b(] *passes out*
  11. "w00t"

    *hopes Monique saw that*
  12. MacTech, I just now figured out you are not the hot chick in your avatar. Word of advise if you want to attract PF females: make sure they know you are male.
  13. well it was really kinda a joke from the original PF, but yeah i know.
  14. jimmy p

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    *wakes up briefly* Dont worry i made the same mistake zoob, if u would be kind enough to look at the "Member's photo thread" LOL, most embarassing...

    MacTech would you kindly do the honour of clubbing me again?
  15. LOL, that was pretty funny :)

    sorry jimmy, she isn't noticing at all so it doesn't really work, so not going to club you again...

    then again...

    *clubs jimmy p again*

    why not eh?
  16. If MacTech wants to parade around PF in drag it's not our mistake to suppose he's a woman.
  17. jimmy p

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    thanx, im working on a new angle....the "prone" look. Maybe girls will fall for people who are passed out on the floor...THATS HOW DESPERATE I AM!!! *passes out* :wink:
  18. your basing gender on avatars, omg that is royal. lol.
  19. I guess you have amnesia for your previous acknowledgement that it is against convention:

  20. Monique

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    Ben is my long-lost PF1 buddy Now, *attends to poor Jimmy* look what that brute did to you.. you'd like some pani puri?
  21. jimmy p

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    IT WORKS!!! i mean....ooh ooh, my poor head [b(] that bully clubbed me n it weally weally hurts! *bottom lip quivers* :wink:
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