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How to avoid cancer ?

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    What habits shouldn't I have?
    What foods shouldn't I take ?
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    You cannot avoid cancer but you can reduce the risk of developing cancer. From study done, smoking and regular heavy drinking should be avoided. Eating fruit and vegetable that have high antioxidant content help in preventing cancer. Any other habit that improve your overall health and boost you immune system such as eating food with good cholesterol/fat (ex. fish) and regular excercise. A good immune system and good health help in figthing/preventing cancer.

    the problem is that you could get cancer even if you have healthy life style. Cancer can emmerge and develop due to genetic predisposition and virus.
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    Take care though, as live isn't all about prolonging it. You need to balance the quality of life with the length of it, and as cancer is not truely that great a killer, it is sometimes worthwhile just to look at the chances objectively, and figure out if it is really worth it.

    (No, I don't mean throwing yourself off buildings for the sake of it. Unless you are *really* into that kind of thing.... )
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    If you avoid being male, you cut your chance of prostate cancer significantly. However, if you avoid being female, you cut your risk of breast cancer significantly. Tough call.
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    What is the best therapy for cancer?
    I heard using chinese herbal medicine is better, less side effect.
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    As long as there is a parachute involved, I am all for it.

    best therapy? Ummmm..whatever the come up with in about 10 years from now. With all of the cancer research going on qorld wide, you know one of them are going to crack some super dooper cancer treatment within that time....

    But having had my mother go through Chemotherapy and come out the other end, I have no reason to doubt Chemotherapy and a positive mental attitude, healthy lifestyle as the best way through Cancer. (Chemo, or radio therapy or whatever other modern medical treatment they have for it.)
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    Die young.
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    If you are willing to give up eating some of your favorite foods, then you could cut ddown on calorie consumption (much easier if you're a vegetarian like me). I have cut down on my calorie consumption to 1300-1500 calories per day while I still try to consume as many antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables every day. Cutting down on calorie consumption reduces the amount of free radicals in your body, which are one of the primary causes of cell damage and cancer. Of course, it is important to not forget to supplement one's diet is one is to go vegetarian, which is one of the best ways to prevent cancer, IMO; with a greater antioxidant consumption. Even if you don't want to become a vegetarian, it is still advisable for one to cut back one's consumption of red meats.

    Also, try to be suspicious of anything that is new, especially in the area of medicine in thiese modern days.

    For instance, this is an example of something new and carcinogenic; but people only learned the lessons from the hard way: Radioactive elements were new at the turn of the 20th century, and as a result, Marie Curie didn't think much about the carcinogenic properties of the radium and polonium that she experimented with. In fact, she basically slept with her radioactive elements. And we all know what happened to her: she died of leukemia, which was very likely to be caused by her exposure to radioactive elements that she was being too audacious around,

    Avoiding exposure to carcinogens is also important; but don't get too paranoid; since much fun will be taken out of your life! Endorphins caused by pleasure do have positive impacts on the body; and extended stress/worry certainly has a negative impact on the body.
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    Calorie Restriction is the one Scientifically demonstrated method to extend life expectancy. It reduces risk of every age related disease (inc. Heart disease, Cancer, alzheimers, osteoporosis etc)
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