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How to avoid word BUT ?

  1. Oct 23, 2011 #1
    How to avoid word "BUT"?

    It is suggested that word "BUT" should be avoided in scientific papers. In book "Science research writing" I found alternative words as, "although", "however", "whereas", "on the other hand", "while", by contrast" and so on. Word "however" is suggested many times, but it seems to me, that it changes sentence meaning.
    Can you, please, find better word for the next sentences:

    Stapp also concludes that a momentary decision is not enough for movement of a finger, but it needs thought effort.

    He shows that the brain temperature is too high that quantum coherence could last any substantial time, for instance one second,
    but it lasts many size classes less.

    Therefore the results of the Libet experiment seem logical to them. But, our intuition speaks differently.
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    Re: How to avoid word "BUT"?


    I was trying to type down all of your sentences in different cases, but I realised that would not help you much, certainly not in the long term.

    You will need to understand the usage and then you can use it appropriately; reading scientific paper will certainly help you to achieve this.

    Also I do not think it is a decent idea to discuss this question here as this is not quite a question of scientific education or teaching. I might be wrong though.

  4. Oct 25, 2011 #3
    Re: How to avoid word "BUT"?

    Although I read a lot of scientific papers, I have not enough feeling how to avoid word "but".

    Maybe it is not an appropriate place to discuss, but here I did not found sub-forum for this. I will try on some grammar forums.
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    Re: How to avoid word "BUT"?

    Who is suggesting that? The ACS style guide doesn't say that, and gives several examples using the word:

    -- from http://www.oup.com/us/samplechapters/0841234620/?view=usa#STYLE

    -- from Strunk and White, "The Elements of Style".
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    Re: How to avoid word "BUT"?

    With all respect, may i suggest you need more basic english language writing experience, e.g. the use of articles such as "the". I would suggest you work at practicing general writing in english and not worry about trivial matters such as use of the word "but". You might enjoy a basic writing class.
  7. Nov 22, 2011 #6
    Re: How to avoid word "BUT"?

    Mathwonk, I made some corrections about articles, how is correct?

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