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How To Be a Wizard?

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    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to do the trick that Hydrick did in this video (turning the pages), or any other ways of faking supernatural powers. I know Hydrick was "just blowing" but try it yourself: get a phone book and blow on the pages. It's not going to give you a result anything like that. Does anyone know specifically what to do to make this happen? Or ways of faking any other powers?

    Thanks ;)
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    Chi Meson

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    I'd tell you except I'd never be able to get another gig.
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    Think... Bernoulli...
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    Well, I tried it. I opened a book and mentally repeated "Bernoulli" about a hundred times. No pages turned.
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    I put on my robe and wizard hat...
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    I think Randi said that Hydrick had trained for several years to make it happen. I'll grant that extraordinary powers after extensive preparation in mundane circumstances are capable of producing something magical. I have to wonder, though, if magicians more often than not tell us a fake secret to a trick.
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    Or not the whole story such as taking a drinking straw and making it up to look like a pencil.
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    I'm a wizard in diablo 3.
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    He turned on a fan?
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