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How to be devious at work

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    How to be devious at work....

    (Evo you can lock or delete this if you think it's inappropriate)

    My work just installed a program called Websense which blocks our access to various websites. Fortunately I can still get on PF :biggrin:. But it wont let me use any web based e-mail services (and work e-mail wont let us e-mail outside of work) or go to sites like e-bay or what have you. Now I can see where in some instances this is supposed to keep working from blowing all their time when tehy ought to be working buuuut I have nothing to do but surf the net while I'm working. If I didn't have internet access I would just wind up reading the paper or a book or just staring into space or making paper airplanes or something.

    Sooooo... I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get around Websense or could point me in the right direction. I don't know anything about proxy servers and Websense wont let me access just about any site related to proxy servers or "proxy avoidance" as it puts it. Even if I knew anything about proxies I'm not sure I would be able to utilize that as an option. I tried Gizoogle thinking that using it might be something like using a proxy but it wont let me access it because it is labeled "tasteless" lol. I tried using the subwindow that pops up when you use google image search and websense still blocks that. I've seen other sites that have that subwindow on them but I am assuming that the same thing will happen with them. I tried downloading Firefox thinking that maybe Websense wont be able to effect another browser if I installed one but with out admin access I can't install another browser.

    I'm still looking for ways around it. There are quite a few sites out there that talk about how to get around it but most of them Websense wont allow me to access for one reason or another. The ones I do find aren't very useful.
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    Websense tells me that page is tasteless and I cannot view it.:grumpy:
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    omg, i was so thinking the same thing smurf
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    Hey Ape, I'm working on a way around websense. I'm sure there's something we can do.
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    Too bad - it's hilarious.
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    Tastless? :rofl: It really tells you websites are tasteless? I'm so sorry SA. :frown: I can't stop myself from laughing though, just because that seems so over the top. Does it let you view our biology forum? You know, we sometimes use that "s" word over there. :wink: :rofl: (I won't write it out, you all know what I mean, and I don't want poor SA to get blocked from PF too, the withdrawal might kill him.)
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    Lol... cool. I've got a cople friends that might be able to help me out but I can't get ahold of them while I'm here because of websense.

    I don't think it monitors content of the websites it just monitors catagories of websites. Being that I work at a college I doubt they'll block PF.
    And yes it actually says that it's "tasteless". I laughed out loud the first time it said that too me.

    Any way I just think it's a neat project to work on while I'm here and I'm bored. I think Yomamma might have solved the problem already though if IT sees that a website I go to says something about naked women they might block it themselves.
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    Ok... I'm not sure what that page is supposed to do Yo-yo but it's not helping me get anywhere it doesn't seem and all the links they have are blocked by websense.
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    could use some background information on the system thats running websense
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    Windows XP

    I already tried going through the outlook browser and it doesn't work.
    How do I accomplish the proxy thing do you know? Not knowing computers it's probably out of my league.
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    Can you access internet options from IE?

    a proxy might not work if websense is a standalone.

    edit: If you can access Internet options go to "connections" tab, and click "LAN OPTIONS" at the bottom. click the "use a proxy server" box and put in an IP from http://www.proxy4free.com/page1.html" [Broken].

    If you can't access that page just use: port: 80
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    SA, careful, you might not be able to access PF from a proxy, and then you won't be able to get help to undo it to get back!

    You could break something on the computer and call for someone in IT to fix it and watch carefully what they use as the administrator password. :uhh: *walks off whistling* o:)
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    if you need to undo is, just uncheck the box again....
  17. Oct 25, 2005 #16
    I found it and entered it but it didn't work. I wasn't able to get to PF either.

    [edit]And wasn't able to look at the site. It blocks all of those free proxy sites. At least all of the ones I have found so far.
    Have to get going in a few. Be back tomorrow though if they haven't blocked PF by then.
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    try this one: port 80
    and this one: port 80

    if those don't work we'll have to explore alternate strategies.
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    The cupholder isn't working!!
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    It would be easier to write them down and use them when you get there.
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    Look at your pm.
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