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How to be more in PF

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    Hello PF
    I have been on the forums for almost a year and i love it and that's why i wanted to become more but how do i do that ... how to become more helpfull and have titles in the community?
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    I presume one is referring to Science Advisors, Homework Helpers and Insights Authors. These folks achieved their status through participation and posting reliable and quality content.
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    You joined in November 2015.
    One of several ways is to set your own goal, e.g. mastering special relativity. If you are determined enough, it will force you to improve yourself by every possible tools, and then challenge your understanding by trying to answer questions here.
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    Okey sir thanks
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    Thanks sir
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    do you need the jewels? do you need the rank of general? are the interesting discussions not enough for you? Think about the science , other things will follow
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    All i want is to help more , but everytime i search i find only a small amount of unanswered threats and mostly their subject is beyond my knowledge. So how can i do a change even with the high school degree i have.
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    Open a thread on a topic which interests you but which you don't know much about . Probe the subject by posting your own searching questions . Good questions stimulate discussion .
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    It would be better if you concentrated on increasing the breadth and depth of your own knowledge. E.g., pick an area of physics which interests you and get a good textbook on that subject (i.e., maybe ask in the Academic Guidance forum for recommendations). Then work through the textbook, pencil-in-hand -- by which I mean: do the exercises. Ask in the Homework Forums if you get stuck.

    Then repeat the above until there's nothing left to learn... :oldwink:
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