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How to become a Dentist?

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    If anyone knows, how do you start looking for a career. I'm still a high school student and I'm interested in Dentistry. I've checked few university websites, but couldn't find what exactly I should do.
    1)What kind of subjects should I take as an undergraduate in a prefered university?
    2)what's the next step?
    3) Will it take as much as time to be a doctor?
    4)Are there any special advises?

    Thank you :)
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    Hey tyty and welcome to the forums.

    You might want to try forums like this for dentistry (and other medical careers):

    http://www.medstudentsonline.com.au/forum.php [Broken]


    Good luck!
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    And make sure to mention your country of study when asking about this, because the system can differ significantly from country to country :wink:
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    Thank you @Chiro
    and @meldraft, oh yes, I forgot to mention I'm from Canada. ;)
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    I could be wrong, but I always thought that the educational requirements for Dentistry were very similar to that for being a physician. If that is the case, then look at the university resources for "Pre-Medical" fields of study. This includes the various Biology and Chemistry fields, Zoology, others.

    Watching the experiences of my friends who became physicians, it is a long-term (4+4+2 years minimum), highly competitive, and demanding plan of education that demands superlative academics. And activities and interest in all the other stuff besides academics live community involvement, university student committee participation and other "soft" activities that "look good on the application."
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    Based on having an undergraduate degree in one of the physical sciences and having been a dental patient often for many years, these are important responses:

    1) Anything and everything, almost regardless of university chosen. Dentistry relies on Engineering, physical sciences, biological sciences, very good intuitive Psychology, excellence or ability to develop it in some craft skills, and excellent language skills & understanding.

    2) What subjects and activities do you like or wish to do or learn? If you like to work with some tools or instruments, then this is good! Think of some of the things dentists do. ... You see? Also, spend some time learning a few computer applications, because modern dentistry has started to rely on some very powerful, comprehensive programs. The offices use some, and the direct care practitioners use others while they are doing their work.

    3) Hard to say, not knowing either field well. You need to know that a dentist IS a doctor; just that he/she is a doctor of Dentistry, while other types of health care "doctors" are usually doctors of medicine other than dentistry. Other members may debate what these mean if they like.

    4) I somewhat indicated very general advice. If you have some great artistic skill then this can be extremely useful. If you have technical or engineering development and skills then this too is extremely useful. As a stepping stone on the way to dental school, you should consider a degree in ANYTHING plus courses and skills of subjects which would serve you well as I have mentioned in #1, 2, and 3.
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    you will need work experience and should be able to show manual dexterity skills
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