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How to become a math tutor

  1. Mar 14, 2015 #1
    So I am studying Engineering and after this semester, I should be done with all the math courses required. I have taken calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra and differential equations. Obviously, I don't recall everything I have learned but I would like to tutor math. I would like to tutor in my school, from College Algbera all the way to differential equations. I have a week off that starts on this coming Monday for spring break and I also will have a month in the summer. I need inputs! I want to review College Algebra, Trig, calc 1-3 and hopefully Linear Algebra and differential equations won't require too much time because I am taken them now and they will be fresh in my mind. Advises please! I gues
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    First of all, if you want to tutor just for the sake of being able to review subjects for yourself, you'd be doing it for the wrong reasons. Tutoring definitely helps solidify subjects in one's mind, but your main goal should be to help the student succeed.

    There are two options you can take: work for someone else, or do private tutoring. I strongly suggest that you go to the math department office and ask if they are hiring any tutors. During the summer it's much more difficult to get hired than during the semester, but it's worth a shot. I'm sure your university has some sort of tutoring/academic center as well, try asking them.

    If they don't have any positions, consider private tutoring. Make posters, post on Facebook, whatever you need to do to get the word out there.
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    How to become, depends on how much you know and how strongly you feel the desire to tutor. If you are doing great in all of your mathematics from elementary level Basic Math up through differential equations and linear algebra, and a few more, then you will be a desireable tutor candidate for a private tutoring institution, a college or university mathematics department, or as private independent tutor. Competence really is important as the level of advancement goes up for what the students need.

    You could qualify to tutor at your community college or university Math department if you are doing well in certain level of math courses you've done. One community college department said that the basic requirement to work as tutor is you must have earned A in Calculus 1 & 2. The requirements might be similar at other colleges.

    You could think about tutoring lower levels, too if you find supplemental educational service providers which give either or both, group or private tutoring for low performing public school students. For these, you could be tutoring either up through Algebra1, or maybe Algebra 1 and Geometry. This stuff would be for high schools, junior high schools, and elementary schools.
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    You might want to consider tutoring online. I would do research to make sure any companies are legitimate.
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    I just want to say that if you just stick with tutoring these classes to students at your school, then you'll probably be fine.

    ...But once you start tutoring it to a wider range of students at different schools, then you'll have to develop a deeper understanding of the material. Because you'll have no way to knowing which types of problems and topics each teacher will be focusing on in the class. (You could probably scooch though by winging it, but you won't be a great tutor.) That being said, in this situation one month over the summer won't be enough time to learn the classes you outlined to the depth that you'll need, but it may be enough for just sticking at your school.

    I also agree with someone else: go to your math department to see if they have a tutoring dept. or tutoring position open. It'll probably be more helpful and easier for you to tutor with a group of peers and in a dept. than private tutoring. (Private tutoring entails a lot of extra time investment such as scheduling, payments and advertising -- things which a dept/school would normally handle for you and the student.)
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