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Job Skills How to become a pilot

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    Hi...I want to become a pilot one day,but in the same time i do love Aviation Engineering.Can somebody help me with this,which one is the most employable after graduate.tqvm
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    Job markets are local. I'd investigate the question locally and get local advice from people in each profession.
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    Yrvmw... lol
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    Have you picked randomly one lecture of aerospace engineering in youtube?
    Have you seen those equations?
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    Piloting and aviation engineering are two very different disciplines, although the love of aviation is often a common thread.
    Piloting is usually the most accessible aviation skill (as whiteknight points out, aviation engineering is hard), so pilots are relatively abundant.
    That makes piloting a low paying job here in the US. It is worse in Asia, where many carriers have PTF (pay to fly) programs, in which the junior pilots pay for the privilege of serving in the cockpit, in order to build up the needed experience to qualify for a paying position.
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    Flying is generally a pretty expensive career to pursue here in the US. You have to build time and earn several advanced ratings before most airlines will even consider you. This takes thousands of dollars and lots of time, and entry-level flying jobs don't pay much at all. This will definitely start to change in the near future though. Pilots are in high demand and some airlines are starting programs that train pilots on their dime. In some countries (especially in Asia and the Middle East where there's very little general aviation), airlines are training pilots who have zero flight experience whatsoever. This is the direction the airline industry is heading so a career in flying might become more practical in the coming years.

    That said, I wouldn't put all my eggs in the flying basket because many pilots who are just starting their careers find it unprofitable and end up doing something else. So I'd make sure I had some other marketable skills besides flying in case aviation doesn't work out.
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