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How to become more skillful with COMSOL

  1. Feb 4, 2013 #1
    I'm using COMSOL for my undergraduate project-work. I have explored the different options available on the different menus.

    However, I find that when going through tutorials, a lot more could be done using COMSOL if I knew the software in more detail, and I feel that could be possible only through formal training (or going thrugh lots of tutorials, which is a real pain).

    I've even done some research based on a simulation done on COMSOL which represents a biological system. As one might guess, a biological system is intricate and has
    many subtle aspects. However, I'm really not sure that I've done it well enough. What would be the best way to learn all the subtleties of COMSOL (or other such software)? Does everyone face similar problems?
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