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How to block the rotation of a boudary in Comsol

  1. Nov 7, 2008 #1

    I'm a new user of Comsol and I find its help one of the worst I ever saw. Could someone please help me with a simple question like the one below ?

    I'm using the [ 3D MEMS module / Structural Mechanics / Solid, stress-strain ] and I have a 3D structure that has on one of its exterior boudaries two forces applied along the x and z axis. I would like to have this boundary free to move along the x, y and z axis but NOT TO ROTATE around the y axis. The Comsol interface proposes as contraint conditions 'free','fixed','roller','prescribed displacement' and 'symetry' but no condition such as 'no rotation'. By using the 'standard notation' I can only fix displacements along the axis, which is what I don’t want. Is is possible to use the 'general notation Hu=R' to fix ONLY the rotations ? There is some other way to define this kind of boundary condition ?

    Many thanks for you help
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