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How to bring the fun back?

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    I just finished my 2nd year doing physics at university and the courses have really driven the fun out of it. Just learning equations and procedures, as a result my performance has slipped. It's the first day of summer and I want get back into Physics.

    I read the how many hours to study thread, but the question I'm looking for is how get that sense of adventure back. I'm off to the library in the morning, but any experienced individuals have some words of wisdom?
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    Get the Feynman Lectures of Physics. I had the same problem until I started reading these books. The series includes interesting topics, experiments, devices, etc.. that are not typically included in books which really made physics interesting for me.

    Personally my school uses Griffiths for E&M and QM which is good however the books are very disconnected from reality. They are good for learning the subject but to actually bring physics back to experience read Feynman.
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    Stop seeing the formulas as random stuff you write on a paper, see them as codes that govern the universe. Give them life in your head, use your imagination! To me all the formulas flash through my mind whenever I do something that have to do with them. For example when I put on the stove to boil something then heat flow equations, phase transitions and circuit theory flashes through my head. When I walk/run and swing my arms back and forth to preserve angular momentum I think about exactly that, and when I bike you can get most of classical mechanics just through that!

    I love the mathematical side of physics! To me that is the only interesting part.
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    Andy Resnick

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    It's perfectly normal to have 'off days'. People who are ultimately successful in their career path are successful because they are confident that it's a temporary condition.

    OTOH, it's also possible that indeed, you are no longer interested (and never will be). That's up to you, tho.
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    So you're done with school, you're starting to find physics boring, and the first thing you're doing for summer vacation is going to the library? Take two weeks off and call me in the morning
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    That's good advice. You may be burned out, zimbabwe. Everyone needs a break from time to time - go do something different and fun!
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    It sounds like your mind needs a good few weeks to cool down, just relax for a bit and see where you are in 2-3 weeks, it is summer after all and you won't be getting many more..
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    Definitely take a break from the equations! If you aren't so burned out that even reading is an effort, try reading some biographies of physicists who seem like fun guys & who had fun with physics. Start with "Surely You're Joking, Mr.Feynman!" and any good biography of Einstein. But mostly, have fun, ride a bike, play the tom toms...
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