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How to Build a Boomilver

  1. Jan 16, 2008 #1
    I am a high school student and for a class projecI have to build a boomilever. Except for the atachment base I can only use wood and glue. Any type of glue can be used. Inculding gussets, it must be constructed of wood no longer than 1/4 inch high and 1/4 inch wide in cross-section. If dowels are used, they may not have a diameter greater than 1/4 inch. There is no limit on the length of idividual wood pieces used in the construction.The entire attachment base may not exceed 30cm x 20cm 1/2 inch thick and permanently attached to boomilever. When mounted to the testing wall no part the of the attachment base may extend farther than 1/2 inch from the wall.

    I would greatly appreciate help/tips on building this boomilever, this is my first time and i will be graded on efficiency.
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    First, do a quick search. There have been a few threads already on this topic. See where that takes you and then come back with more questions.
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