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How to build a non-uniform initial temperature with Matlab and COMSOL-thanks

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    Hi everyone,

    I am building a 2D geometry and specify the corresponding initial temperature (non-uniform in the domain) with the aid of matlab (liveLink Matlab). The geometry creating is almost finished, while the initial temperature problem puzzles me a lot. The initial temperature at each coordinates (x,y) is originally listed in a txt file, which is obtained/extracted from the result of COMSOL (actually the plot data using a specific filter) and shown in the MS word file (Non-uniform Temperature Data.doc or .PNG ) - I am not accessible to upload any txt file, so the data are copied into the word file. If only in the COMSOL GUI, the initial condition ‘initial Value ’ can obtain a uniform initial temperature in the specific domain, but fail to specify the temperature at each point in the domain using a txt file or others. So I turn to the live link Matlab to try to solve it. Firstly I searched the forum with the hope of some useful messages or tips, and then I read the series of the COMSOL documents. Unfortunately no any tips was found now, could you give me some tips and guidance?

    Thanks for your response sincerely in advance.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

    FM Huang
    Nov. 17th.2011

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