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How to calculate blade dimension

  1. Jun 13, 2012 #1
    I'm designing prototype of wing turbine blades (vertical axis).
    I have Permanent Magnet Generator of 10KW and wind speed around 5-15 m/s (avarage 10 m/s). Generator has starting torque <10 and rpm (rated speed) 100 . Generator is specialy designed for wind turbines.
    Can anyone give me the formula for me to calculate the dimension (width, radius, ticknes) of the rotor I need to built to get maximum amount of power from the generator at 10 m/s wind speed.
    I can also give you some other data of generator if you need for calculation.
    Also some links to informational websites are welcome. Very welcome are also some new ideas for rotor design.

    Thanks in advance!

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