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How to calculate fermi energy as a function of gate voltage in accumulation-mode FET

  1. Oct 16, 2012 #1

    I've been doing some literature research and can't seem to find any answers to my question.

    In an accumulation-mode FET (i.e. only relevant capacitance is that of the gate dielectric), how does one translate the applied gate-voltage to the Fermi energy of the active region?

    Say we can measure the threshold voltage (approximately the conduction band in an n-channel FET?), and know the geometric capacitance of our gate dielectric, and the work function of our gate metal, there should be some way to calculate the shift in fermi energy (i.e. where have I lifted the Fermi energy to relative to the conduction band) caused by the gate-effect, accounting for the "shielding" effect of the gate dielectric.

    If anyone has any general thoughts/things to look-up/paper/references/anything, I'd be grateful!

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