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How to calculate g-force in a Class 2 rocket

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    A rocket team at our middle school wants to calculate the g-force of our rocket using a dual spring scale that measures in grams and newton's. They are attaching a 10 gram weight to the spring scale and focusing a small camera on it to (hopefully) capture the image of Newton's/grams before, during, and after flight. I need a little help to see if this is possible. From what I can gather: 1 g-force = .0098N. With the 10 gram weight on the spring scale 1 g-force = .098 N. Last year's data tells us our Class 1 rocket accelerated at 4.70m/s2 or .5 g-force. I can't find a spring scale small enough to measure this prediction and we can't increase the weight on the scale because of payload weight restrictions. Is it possible for us to do this with a spring scale and do my calculations make sense? Sorry, this is coming from a Bio major.

    Thanks for all the help.

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