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Aerospace How to calculate Lift force ?

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    I'm planning to start a project to design a RC controlled quad rotor helicopter. If it works out well I have an idea of making it autonomous. So first thing is that I want to know how to calculate the lift force from a single motor ?
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    Motors don't generate lift, rotors do. :wink:

    It's easier said than done, so I would suggest you do this experimentally and/or using performance data from RC manufacturer websites.
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    Thanks for correcting me:smile:
    What is the experimental procedure? Or can u point me to websites containing this data? I tried searching but I ended up with only RC planes stuff.
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    http://www.aerodyndesign.com/ANALYSIS/ANALYSIS.htm" [Broken]. Check out the Excel file link after the "Helicopter Performance Analysis" section. :)
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