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How to calculate pressure of a mixture of oil Reservoir fuids?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Calculate reservoir pore volume in field units and initial gas in place for a formation with total bulk volume of 1E8 m^3. A sample of the reservoir gas mixture has
    15 moles of CH4 (Tc = 191K),Pc = 46.1bar),
    2 Moles C2H6 (Tc =306K, Pc = 48.8 bar)
    3 Moles C3H8 (Tc = 370K, Pc - 42.5 bar)

    Reservoir pressure at midpoint of production pay zone is 250 bar whilst that corresponding to half pore volume is 206 bars.

    Porosity = 0.15. Connate water saturation = 0.25, Reservoir Temperature = 950C

    1barrel = 160 litre, 1000 litre = 1m^3, 1ft = 0.3m, 1bar= 0.1 Mpa

    R = 8.314 Kpa*m^3 / kgmole*k

    K = degrees C + 273, βg = 3.74E-4Z(T/P), T in K and P in Mpa

    Real gas law = PV = ZnRT

    3. I know that Pore volume = Bulk volume * Recovery factor but I don't know how to get this recovery factor value.
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