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Homework Help: How to Charge A Conductor

  1. Oct 7, 2008 #1
    1. If you have two identical conducting spheres A and C. A carries a charge and C is uncharged. Sphere C is touched to A.

    How does the charge change on A?

    3. I know since C was initially uncharged, after it touched A it becomes charged. IF A was positively charged C would become positively charged as well. if A was negative C would become negative. But since they are identical spheres im guessing there is some relation I should know in terms of a ratio of how much charge A will lose?

    I have no idea what that is?

    Is tehre such a ratio that since A is identical to C that after C touched A

    qinitial on A becomes


    qfinal = 1/2 qinitial ??

    Any way to calculate it? without knowing exactly what the initial q value is on A.
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