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How to choose a masters study program?

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    First to give some background about my situation, I am currently a senior studying mechanical engineering at Rowan University. I will be receiving my B.S. in mechanical engineering at the end of this academic year with a GPA of (hopefully) just under 3.5.

    I realize that it's very late to still be contemplating whether or not grad school is the right choice, but I've finally made up my mind. For a long time I didn't think it would make sense financially to attend grad school because of all the debt that would be associated. I decided that I'd rather obtain my M.S. now and worry about the debt later because I think it will be an experience worth having, as well as an asset to my future professional career.

    However, I'm still undecided about what I'd like to specialize in. I enjoy doing calculus and mathematics so it seems that FEA would be very interesting, but I'm not sure if I have enough experience to get into a good FEM program (if programs specific to FEM even exist). I'm taking my GRE on Wednesday, and I'd really like to send my scores to four schools because those four are free.

    Also, what's the first step in trying to obtain financial aid for graduate school? Again, I realize I'm very late in just trying to figure this out which is why I'm asking all possible sources for help (I'm trying to meet with my adviser sometime this week). What is the average percentage of graduate students who receive school-funded aid, and how much on average do they receive?

    Thank you for any help you can provide.
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