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Schools How to choose a University

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    A google search for "audit a course" turns up the University of Wisconsin, for one:

    The college where I taught has a similar policy.
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    Anyway, in the end which is the point?
    I shouldn't go to others courses?
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    From my perspective, the point is what I said before: If you want to audit a course strictly to augment your knowledge in a subject outside of your major, then OK. But since you receive no official credit, it's not something you should put on your resume or CV. But, perhaps during an interview, it's something you can mention.
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    I agree with you, this can't solve the problem if not having the possibility to do a real double degree.
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    I’m also having a similar problem. Where I’m from, (I’m in my last year in middle school) we have to choose a college to go to before your reach high school. It’s recomended for students my age to start choosing a couple schools and then narrowing them down in the future. My dream school is MIT in the USA (if ya guys heard of it). Anyways, I feel that I should decide about that later. But, I live in Hawaii, and I’m trying to decide which community college/college/university to go to in the islands so I can stay close to my family. Any advice?
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    Deciding which college or university before you have started high school is senseless. YOU do not know. Your PARENTS do not know. Nobody knows. You must grow and develop more first. Why college or university? Why not a vocational school or vocational training? You could choose imaginably any local community college for either preparation for university OR for getting vocational training. In case you are not yet qualified for a university program upon high school graduation, you can build your qualifications at a community college for a few terms and then transfer to U.
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    <<Emphasis added.>>
    What do you mean by "you have to choose a college before you reach high school"? So, you attend High School A if you plan to go to MIT, High School B if you plan to go to Harvard, and High School C if you plan to go to U. of Idaho? Huh?
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    No... it’s more like we fill out “fake” applications and submit it to our school. I know that you are probably thinking yeah, why am I stressing about it, but really, we get graded on our application and our teachers even tell us that yes, it seems pointless now, but it may come in handy in the future... (still confused about that)
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    OK. Thanks for the clarification. But do your practice applications have any effect at all on your high school program? Or is it just an instructive exercise to start you thinking about what you want to do?
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    Mmm. I’m pretty sure that it has an effect on something... I think it effects our ELA class... not totally sure though
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    As a middle school student, you're not really "applying" to those colleges. It sounds to me like this is an exercise in how to (eventually) fill out a real application, many years down the road.
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    I can only interpret that to mean that filling in college applications is not an easy thing ( meaning filling them so that you will be accepted) , so , by doing it now, you are getting a head start.
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    What's ELA?
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    Ultimately, for undergrad, I think it comes down to finding a place where you can create a network of people to find you better opportunities. Sounds cold and not very idealistic, but a first good job can make a big difference over the long run.
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    English Language Arts
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    Hm. Never thought of it as a head start. I guess you are right
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    OK, now that it's clear that you don't need to choose a university, and that what you are doing is a practice exercise in filling out a college application, it actually makes good sense to me, and I think it's a great idea. Because now you will know what you need to do during the high-school years ahead in order to have a strong application in the first part of your senior year. If you wait until the start of the senior year, there won't be time to remedy many deficiencies: E.g.: (a) You'll need letters of recommendation. Oops! I don't know anyone well enough to write them for me. (b) You'll need to describe special activities outside of school. Oops! I haven't done anything. (c) You'll need to describe activities that demonstrate your passion for science. Oops! I never did any science fair projects. So now, you will know ahead of time what you need to do; and that's good.
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