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How to code this picture?

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    First and foremost, I read CSS & HTML & a bit of XHTML before I asked this question. I read them in 2 sites, DaveSite.com & W3Schools.org
    Can somebody help me whether how to code this picture?
    I would really appreciate it, thanks!:approve:
    ( I am trying to make a Skin for Paint.NET for the contest if your asking! ) BackgroundTemplate.png
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    You mean you want some html that procduces the contents of the image?
    Does it have to use rounded corners?
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    Image for the colour logo at the top (the logo & "paint.net" or at least the colour part of "net"). Images of the 4 corners, 1px wide images of top and bottom line including shadows, 1px high images of left and right line including shadows.

    Everything else is just text, (X)HTML and CSS. :)
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    Job- Yes, because I like it to take effect, with a sharp corner wouldn't be dull?
    Well, something like that I want that image coded to a template.. Something like that.

    KTC- Never thought of it that way, but I'll try it. So mainly the main parts of the images are just put into tables connecting to each other?

    Thanks for your support!:rolleyes:
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