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How to collect Spores.

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    I've recently been reading lots of stuff on fungus relates organisms, and from what I gather, they reproduce by producing spores. I was wondering, what is the most efficient way of gathering these spores? I only ask, because I am considering starting a mushroom colony as a hobby (and if I get into it, I might be able to grow my own to eat, you never know) :P.
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    Spores are often used in identification of mushrooms. Spore prints are typically taken on a suitable surface. You could try this on a glass plate. Just place your mushroom, gill or pore side down, onto the plate and leave overnight. You will find a scattering of spores on the plate and find they are pretty small.

    If you aim is to keep them around for awhile, you might want to allow the spores to fall onto a flexible, low-friction surface; such as aluminum foil or waxed paper. Then just fold the sheet and tap the spores into a collection container. If you are allergic to fungi, as I am, you may want to avoid this whole project :biggrin: or at least wear a dust mask while working with the spores.
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    lol, lets hope that I'm not. Thank you for all the information, I might make some spore prints when I get going if it's that easy to do.
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