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How to complain

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    So i have to had my central heating fixed 6 times, my loo 3 times, the problem is i have to go through an answering service every time, how does one nail the contractors?
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    Simon Bridge

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    a. with a nailgun
    b. report them to the professional body they belong to
    c. in court

    d. picket their premises ... tell everyone about your experiences, talk about them on the web, and change contractors to one that does not use an answering service.

    e. find out where they live and when they are out, superglue all their crockery and cutlery to the dinner-table.
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    In the USA we have a consumer protection group called the Better Business Bureau. When trying to resolve something multiple times directly with the merchant has failed I approach them with a detailed list of dates, what happened, promises or discussions, results, etc. I have only had to do it a couple of times, but whenever I did the merchant suddenly bent over backwards to fix the problem right and right away.

    Once you have found the best group to complain to the proper way to do it is:
    1) calmly - whatever you write have someone else read for emotional content and don't send it immediately
    2) informatively - list dates, names if possible, and all the details you have
    3) constructively - propose a specific remedy which, if done, would satisfy you

    Remember, the ultimate goal of the complaint is to fix your problem, not to vent your frustration.
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    If the problem is just getting through to the contractors, try calling in evening hours instead of daytime hours. Because most contractors are busy doing their jobs during the daytime, that's when you're most likely to get voicemail or someone else answering. They usually return calls in evening hours. If they have 24 hour answering services, try telling them it's an emergency or very urgent. That sometimes gets the service to forward your call. It's also possible the answering service is the problem, and they lose messages. You can try writing a letter detailing your problems contacting the contractor.

    I also try to prevent issues with contractors by paying in thirds. They get the first third up front to order materials to start the job, or they can have materials delivered directly to me that I pay for on arrival and stay with me...that way if they disappear, I still have the materials I paid for and someone else can do the job. The next third covers labor costs for satisfactorily reaching the halfway point for job completion, and the last third when I'm fully satisfied the job is completed as agreed upon. If there's a dispute along the way, I'm not out of money, and for them, they aren't out the cost of materials, just labor if I need to fire them.

    As for the Better Business Bureau, I think they aren't very effective. Reputable companies usually respond to problems without them getting involved as long as you find the right level of support, and disreputable companies don't care. They have no enforcement abilities.
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    Do you rent or own your home? It seems odd that you would have to discuss business with a contractor through an answer service unless you are renting and going through the landlord to have the repairs done.
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