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How to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

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    Can someone tell me how to convert:
    1]Celcius to Faranheit
    2]Faranheit to Celcius
    3]Kilograms to Pounds and vice versa
    4]Inches to Centimetresand vice versa
    5]Yards to metres and vice versa
    6]KILOMETRES TO MILES and vice versa
    and any other conversions you know of: :cool: :cool:

    One more Question:
    1]What is the difference between speed and velocity.
    2]What is the difference gravity and acceleration.
    3]What is the difference Luxons and photons
    4]What is the difference Terdyons and Techyons
    and any other differences you can think of: :cool: :cool:
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    All of those look like things you are expected to look up in your textbook. That's a lot better practice than having someone tell you the answers! Did you read the "sticky" post labeled "read this first"?

    A general rule is "try first and show us what yo have tried." In each of these there isn't a whole lot to do. As I said before- look them up.
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    This link should help you with all, and plenty more: Wikipedia: Conversion of units

    1) I believe we use 'speed' to indicate the magnitude of the velocity. So if the velocity is v, the speed is |v|
    2) Gravity is the force as a result of attraction between two masses. Acceleration is, more general, the rate of change of velocity, so dv/dt.
    3) Luxons are particles which travel at the speed of light, a photon is one of them.
    4) I only know the "Tachyons", so can't help you here.
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    yeah, many, the whole internet is full of those things. To get the answers, you should be a little bit energetic than a Dodo :zzz:
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    I had posted this in another forum. But it was moved over here.So I didn't read what was written here. anyway. Thanks.
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