How to cook a ham?

  1. I have a smoked ham (completely precooked), and I'm looking for ideas of what to do with it for supper. Any suggestions?
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    Just eat it the way it is. Maybe green beans and mashed potatoes would go good with it.
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    Just slice it and nuke it.
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    Just wait until Woolie sees this thread. He'll tell you what to do with that ham (counter-intuitive, at best, I know).
  7. Hmm, I usually eat most during supper because that's when I've done most of the day's work... anyway, I would:

    1) Cook a serving of rice - add a few pieces of whole cinnamon, a tablespoonful of seasoning wine and some butter in the water. (5min+)

    2) Place rice in a ceramic plate with elevated circumference (like those soup plates). (<1min)

    3) Mix with whatever spices/additional ingredients (sliced mushrooms/canned corn are OK) you can imagine (up to your creativity), and place your smoked ham in desired manner. Sprinkle minced cheese above... like 80% mozzarella and 20% cheddar. (? min)

    4) Bake in oven until cheese is crispy.

    Or actually, if you're lazy... 2 slices of bread + sliced ham + margarine < 2min
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    Send it to me.
  9. I'm now conducting an experiment into teriyaki baked ham.
  10. What are the parameters?
  11. 1 ham, 1 home-made teriyaki sauce, 1 oven.

    Edit: Actually I guess it's 8 x 0.125 ham, to be more accurate, since I sliced it first so it would heat faster.
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    Take the fully cooked smoked ham, slice it along with some tasty sharp cheese, and pile it alongside some slices of seeded rye or pumpernickel, with maybe some pickles, horseradish....contemplate and see if anything comes to you. BTW, do not feed the finished product to your son until he is old enough to wash it down with a beer.
  13. I proclaim myself your advisor.

    Your experiment is doomed to fail. :wink:
  14. I'll wait for the second and third opinions from my wife and son.
  15. Looks like you were wrong. It was enjoyed by everyone.
  16. *shrugs* it was faulty instrumentation.
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    Set oven to max, put in ham and bake for about 8 hrs, best done if you have an engagement that day.
  18. :uhh: Dunno, is the fire brigade around the corner?
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    On his video, Alton teaches how to choose & cook both a city ham and country ham (dry salt cured, often smoked). He prepares the recipe you pointed out pantaz, on the city ham.

    You can view the video on youtube, which is in two parts.. part 1, part2
    choice of City Ham starts at 5:30, Country Ham at 6:11
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