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How to copy a music CD

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    I need to find a reliable freeware to copy music CD. I know it's not as simple as before that just copy, I have to rip it. I did it once with BurnAware, but this time when I try to download, it prompted me to download drivers and others, I did not proceed. I just want to find a way to copy CD.

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    You can find this info easily via google search for your particular operating system.
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    Yes, but they all want me to download something. I don't know which one is safe. That's why I come here to get suggestion.
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    It is just my opinion, but ripping music and safe computing do not go together.

    I practice safe computing first by restricting the things I try to do and the places I go on the internet.
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    Windows media player is supposed to rip cds.
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    There are numerous small apps which can rip the content off of any kind of optical disc and produce an iso file,
    then you can use the iso file to burn copies of the original disk.
    It's a long time since I did this so I won't recommend anything in particular, but google for 'freeware iso copy'.
    You'll see many possibilities, but I'd be inclined to get one from Sourceforge or another freeware repository.
    Stuff from those sources is usually free of additional content that you don't need, embedded adware and so on.
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    I use dBpowerAmp. They want a small sum of money, but it is absolutely worth it.
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    As an iPhone users, iTunes is a great app to import music from CD.
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    Windows Media Player (on Windows 10) will definitely rip a CD for you and create mp3 files for each track.

    Someone implied this is criminal, but it is not UNLESS you subsequently share the ripped files out to the world. But for private use on your own devices, it is entirely legal, and frankly sensible. Physical CD's are so yesterday.

    If you have an old car without a CD player, BTW, there are little cheap devices you can buy to use the car radio to play you mp3 files off your phone. Very clever. It uses a radio frequency that you can choose, and powers itself from the cig. lighter socket. Then Bluetooth to your phone or tablet.
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    Note that this amounts to operating you own FM station and that is is illegal in many countries if you don't have a public broadcasting license. A line jack is preferable. If your car stereo is as old as mine there are dummy cassette tape adapters that do the same thing.
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    Definitely one needs to be aware of his/her country's laws regarding low-power radio transmitters. In the US:

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    I would suggest you are being a bit overly critical :wink::biggrin:
    These units are extremely low power and are legal in probably 99% of countries because of that low power rating
    They do work quite well and the signal doesn't go more than a metre or so

    but, for the fun of it, show me a country or 3 that they are illegal in ?

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    That's so fun I won't do it without getting paid good consultancy rates but I give you North Korea for free (there is not even poor lists about the legality of low power FM transmitters online). I'm from Sweden and until EU directives promoted a change relevant authorities where completely humorless when it came to unlicensed radio broad casts. Before 2006-2008 (depending on country) they where definitely illegal in most EU countries (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/6177820.stm).

    Garmin, that can pay real lawyers real money, says this about the low power FM adapter built into some of their products:
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    Nth Korea and any other dictatorship run country dosen't count as almost all forms of non gov. controlled fun are banned
    You are barely allowed to breathe there without permission :-p
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    If you get an iSO file ,it would be easy to burn it to a CD.
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