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How to correctly read in visibility data from a FITS file using IDL

  1. Jun 11, 2012 #1
    I'm having some trouble reading in some data from a FITS file. The FITS file has visibility data for 256 different frequency channels but I only seem to be able to read in the data for the first frequency channel. My question is how do I change which frequency channel I want to look at, for example look at the 100th freq channel rather than the first?

    The code I have written in IDL to open the file and extract information so far is:

    infile = 'finaluv.fits'

    data = mrdfits(infile,0,hdr)

    params = data.params
    array = data.array

    u = params[0,*]
    v = params[1,*]
    baseline = params[5,*]

    real = reform(array[0,0,100,*])
    imag = reform(array[0,0,100,*])

    visibility = sqrt(real^2+imag^2)
    uvdistance = sqrt(u^2 +v^2)
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