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Homework Help: How to create a Lineweaver Burk plot?

  1. Nov 7, 2011 #1
    How do you create a Lineweaver Burk plot? I am not quite completely lost, but I am pretty close. I have a bunch of data (absorbances) from an enyme lab that we did and we are supposed to create a Lineweaver Burk Plot. I've tried looking this up on google, but it's all pretty confusing. Can someone explain how to create one in simpler terms?

    I have the velocities calculated out (at least I am pretty sure that they are the velocities, I found the slope of the best fit line of the absorbance levels of the enzyme solutions over 120 seconds)

    Tube 1: 0.0015
    Tube 2: 0.0033
    Tube 3: 0.0062
    Tube 4: 0.0078
    Tube 5: 0.0057
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