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How to create small prototype of Vertical Wind Tunnel?

  1. Aug 31, 2008 #1
    Hello experts!

    I'm from one of the university in Asia and I'm planning to create a small prototype of Vertical Wind Tunnel for education purpose for my university.
    I don't know from where I should start the project. This small prototype will not bigger than 10-15 inches for the diameter and I'm planning to use a vacuum motor to give pressure to the tube to lift up the object.

    Anybody knows where can I find a guide (a small guide is still be okay) to start this project?
    And also the basic calculations of physic's law (what kind of physic's law is neede, what kind of calculations are needed and what is the way to solve it) to the design (just a simple calculations and sample design will be okay).

    Thank you for your help.


    p.s: I know that there are already same thread about wind tunnel, but in this thread I just want to create a small prototype of it and the most important thing is I want to know all physic's law related to Vertical Wind Tunnel(maybe aerodynamics, friction law, etc) that are needed to make calculations so that this prototype can run smoothly.
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