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Medical How to deal ?

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    Hello. I am a thirteen year old recently diagnosed with type one bipolar disorder with psychotic features.

    Thing is, my meds don't always work. I can't deal with the voices when I am sick. My only coping strategy is my iPod. Are there any ways to make them go away? Thank you *so* much.
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    I would tell my physician if the meds don't always work. Sometimes it can take two or three years to find out what kind of meds work best for you as an individual.

    You are lucky you were diagnosed so young.
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    I agree with wuliheron, if your meds are not always working, tell your doctor. S/he can adjust your dose or put you on a different medication. Always keep in touch with your doctor about anything that doesn't "feel" right when on a new medication (or even an old one if it seems to stop working), whether it's because the medication isn't doing enough to treat your symptoms, or is having some side effects you don't like, or even if you are feeling unwell for an unrelated reason and are considering an over-the-counter medicine to check that they are safe to mix.
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    You might also explore the possibility of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). While it doesn't always reduce the severity or length of auditory hallucinations, it may help with getting some control over how you allow them to affect your life. I found an abstract for a study on CBT and "coping training" (involving patients with schizophrenia or related psychotic disorders) that looked promising.
    Anyway, just something you might ask your doctor about.
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    Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I'll definitely be talking to my doctor about meds.

    Thanks again, bit188
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