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How to decide on interests ? And 17 units.

  1. Jan 5, 2014 #1
    How to decide on interests....??? And 17 units.

    Hello Physicsforums! Here I am again asking questions.
    I appreciate it if anyone reads this, if not then this was still good for me to rant/think about things.
    In the past I have not given much effort toward school and failed out of high school. I just started college and have completed one semester with a 3.31 so I am pretty proud of myself. This is making me realize I may actually go somewhere and be able to do something with myself rather than bumming it around and working in the fast food industry. Now I have to start making decisions on what path to take.

    Majors I am considering:

    Pro's :
    I have loved math and have excelled compared to my class mates since elementary school, I was even in the special ed classes but was transfered daily to the advanced math class, because I was better than even them. (I soon got out of special ed)

    The Idea of using logic and such to create something beautiful sounds like a blast and very intellectually stimulating.

    Cons: This major is completely with the brain and I will not be working outdoors at all. The career does not seem to actually advance society or anything like that.

    I have never actually considered this major before, I took this course and found I was pretty good at it.

    I extremely enjoy the thought that I can use a lot of mathematics and be able to integrate social science with it. Also, politics and such sounds like fun.

    I heard you can make a lot of money

    Not outdoors

    I actually found a lot of the students in my course (who are econ majors) to be on the lower end of intelligence.

    I find a lot of the material to be dry, and a lot fascinating. So not completely in love with the subject.

    I LOVE THE OUTDOORS, I actually worked as a professional zip line guide for a while and I just love being outside and camping.

    I love science and being able to explain concepts to people, science usually gets me going and people often tell me how crazy it is that I am so passionate about the sciences (all sciences including Bio, but mostly Physics)

    Seems like I will be able to have a lot of fun and interesting courses.

    Potential to make decent money, though I would take a outdoor science job any day for lower pay.


    Doesn't seem mathy enough

    Doesn't seem to contain enough interesting physics (ie. quantum mechanics and relativity, all the popular stuff, though I may actually enjoy the classical mechanics more)

    Will take me a lot longer in college.

    So here is what I am thinking for next semester.

    Pre Calculus 5
    English 4
    Economics MICRO 3
    Geology 4
    Geology field trip 1
    total of 17

    This will still allow me to progress easily with any of the above majors, but if I am still not able to decide after these classes, everything start branching off, though I will still have to take all the maths. That is the only thing in common.

    I appreciate it if anyone reads this, if not then this was still good for me to rant/think about things.
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