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How to define a value that is evaluated through iteration in COMSOL 4.0

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    Here are the details in as concise a manner as possible:
    1. I'm using In-compressible Navier Stokes Module in laminar flow, time dependent solution.
    2.I have a rectangular region in which I have some fluid.
    3.there are cilia inside the fluid, which move with a time and space-varying velocity V=ycos(5t+6x)\
    4. However, the movement of the cilia is oscillatory, so the net velocity of the fluid is some other value, say U
    5. there is a bulk/volume force acting on the fluid, which is a function of both U and V...say |F|=(U-V)...
    6. Obviously, U is also time varying, and determined by V....so how do I define it in COMSOL?
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