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How to define charge?

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    hello,every one
    Could anyone tell me the historical order of the demodulation of these quantities?
    My question is how could it the el. charge been defined(ocording to the el. current?but how?were they able to measure el. currrent in that time?)
    PS,could u plz introduce me some books that about the history of physics ; answering such qustions like how is i.e energy defind,what caused the concept of energy...etc.
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    The concept of electric charge pre-dates the concept of electric current. We define the unit of charge (coulomb) in terms of the unit of current (ampere) for practical reasons. It's easier to measure current precisely by way of the magnetic force, than it is to measure charge precisely by way of the electric force.
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    someone wrote a book called the origin of fields where the author goes into the history of electricity and magnetism.
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    so you mean that charge was firs defined by force,when we have to equal,unit charges we will have a special force
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    thanks for the book:eek:rigin of fields:
    ill be grateful if u itroduce me such books in every field of physics and math
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