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How to delete Command Service?

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    How do you get rid of this thing?!

    It's sucking up all my computer power! It's freaking annoying.

    Spybot can't get rid of it fully even after restarting the computer. I tried the whole search through the hard drive for Command Service but it doesn't find anything under that name. I tried the Add/Remove program but it doesn't show underneath it either.

    I know it's still on my computer because it's sucking up all my computer power (about 90% of it!) under cmd.exe and it still shows up in the SpyBot search but it can't get rid of the whole thing.

    HELP ME!
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    Google on the name. There are spyware removal tools that claim to be 100% effective at removing it.
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    Jason, try following these instructions:
    http://www.elephantboycomputers.com/page2.html#Removing_Malware [Broken]

    Someone who had a rogue cmd.exe had success using the above link.

    In the future, it would be good to have a live virus scanner, such as Avast! running in the background. And the firefox web browser with the NoScript extension would be a good idea. A lot of harm can be done to your computer by scripts that run when you load a webpage. NoScript tries to mitigate these issues.
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