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How to design 1 MW biomass?

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    I am writing my thesis on controlling 1MW biomass power plant using 800xA simulator.
    I am electrical engineer, have some basic knowledge in mechanical engineering.

    I have to design 1 MW biomass power plant:-
    Boiler: Circulating fluidized bed boiler(540 deg C, 170 bar)
    Steam Turbine type: Condensing type turbine.
    Condenser: Air cooled condenser.

    I would like to get 1MWele output. Please any suggesting how to calculate the capacity of the bioler, turbine, how much water required to generate required amount of steam and any suggestion regarding, is this kind of design is the efficient one?.

    Please post your suggestion will be helpful for my thesis.

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    To get started, you will need to estimate the thermodynamic efficiency of the power plant. You could perform a Rankine Cycle calculation.

    But for a quick estimate, you can use the "modified" Carnot Cycle efficiency:

    eff = [ sqrt (TH) - sqrt (TC) ] / sqrt (TH)

    where eff = efficiency, TH is the steam temperature from the boiler, and TC is the temperature of the condenser fluid.

    Once you estimate the efficiency (usaully about 33% to 38% for poweplants), the boiler capacity is given from the definition of efficiency: eff = electrical power / boiler power

    Finally, you could estimate the turbine steam flow from 1st law of thermo:

    Power Turbine = mass flow rate X (enthalpy in - enthalpy out)
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    Hello Friends,

    I have to design 1MW biomass power plant for my thesis. I am a electrical engineering student, not strong in thermodynamics. I have some issues in designing my power plant.


    i have assumed efficiency

    eff overall(35%) = boiler eff(85%)*cycle eff(56%)*turbine(mech)eff(90%)*generator eff(90%)*aux eff(90%)

    output of the power plant = 1MWele

    calorific value of biomass = 3000Kcal/kg.

    with the help of eff and calorific value of biomass i have found out 740.66kg/hr of fuel have to be feed in.

    How to calculate enthalpy in and out of the turbine?

    what would be the temperature and the pressure of the turbine and the condenser?

    The way i am designing the power plant, is it right or am i missing something?

    If i am doing it wrong please help me to design a 1MW biomass power plant.

    Please help me friends, it would be more helpful for my thesis.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello Friends,
    Please help me out in calculating steam flow required for 5MW extraction cum condensing turbine at various pressures?
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