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How to design a Zeeman slower

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    Hellow,i want to know how to design a Zeeman slower,a device which takes Sr87 atoms with an average velocity of about 900m/s and over a distance of 30cm ,reduces their velocity to a few tens of meters per second in a continuous manner via laser cooling and the Zeeman effect
    I hope i can receive your letter soon.

    Thank you!!!
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    Did you try a Google search on "Zeeman slower"? The first page of results has some entries that look promising.

    By the way, just as a friendly tip... when you're posting a question in a forum of any kind, it helps to put the subject of your question in the subject line of the posting, instead of something completely uninformative like "Help?" :smile:
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    Zeeman slower?

    I will use Zeeman slower solenoid in our experiment,but i do not know how to design it. So i hope you can tell me how to design it. Thank you!!!
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