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How to determine electron configuration

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    -how would one predict electron configuration of an atom? (ex.Rb- [Ar]4s^2, 3d^10, 4p^6) ....How, help please
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    this is pretty textbook...

    do you have one readily available?
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    not one that explains this... im kinda past the textbooks they lend me... this is more or less further study

    (im trying to get a head start on some classes im gonna start in not too long, and want to understand this)
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    oh, alright, then. i used the complete idiot's guide to chemistry to get a head start on my college chem classes. i think that all of this stuff is in there.

    i would recommend the textbook my college used, but it would kinda suck to get it and then have to buy a different one, if the college you go to uses a different text.

    but if you can find it dirt-cheap, chemistry by silberberg (3rd edition) has all the answers to your questions.
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    alright.. ill look into either, but i may have it (i googled it for a while)
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    beware, though. the complete idiot's guide kinda really blew it with the VSEPR and hybridization.

    the textbook by silberberg presents that stuff in a WAY superior fashion.
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    do you know if...thinks*...oh yeah -zumdahl- is any good, i can get a hold of that should that be as in depth as possible? (its a textbook)
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    i honestly have no idea. someone else is going to have to give you an opinion on that one.
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