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How to determine the flexural rigidity of a composite

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    Hi there,

    I need help about how to solve the flexural rigidity (D) of a composite. For instance, if I have two plies of a plate each with different material properties, i.e. ply 1 has different Young modulus from ply 2. Therefore, how can I determine the value of the overall D of the plate.
    How can I smear the D?


    ply 1 has E1 = 200 MPa, E2 = 30 MPa and v = 0.2
    ply 2 has E1 = 400 MPa, E2 = 40 MPa and v = 0.3

    using the D = Eh / 12(1-v^2), how can I smear the two different properties into a single value of D?

    Please let me know. Thanks
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