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Homework Help: How to determine whether an object is more or less electronegative than another

  1. Jul 29, 2009 #1
    I'm doing a lab on electrostatics, and I need to develop an electrostatic series.

    I've established a small sheet of plastic (20") as my reference material for determining charges.

    In my lab, it was given, that rubbing plastic in wool would give the plastic a negative charge meaning it is more electronegative than wool. So, so far my series looks like this:


    (more electropositive substances at the top - more electronengative substances at the bottom)

    Then I rubbed a balloon in wool and moved it close to the reference material, plastic, and they repelled. This obviously shows that they have like charges. Therefore, the balloon has a negative charge like that plastic which makes it more electronegative than the wool. But now how do I determine which substance is more electronegative of the two, the balloon or the plastic? So the series is something like this now,

    Plastic - Balloon

    I'm not sure how to order the plastic and the balloon, all I know is that they are both more electronegative than wool.

    Is there any way of determining this?

    thanks a lot.
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