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How to do this in Mathematica?

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    How to do this in Mathematica??

    Hi - I am an engineering student who is quite new to Mathematica (v. 6) but I really enjoy it. Lots of examples, easy to just play and figure out how to do something for yourself. Makes beautiful output. However, I have not been able to figure this out...
    I am using another program (COMSOL) which will export values from a graph as a text file - eg "Data.txt". I use list1 = ReadList["where_the_file_is_located/Data.txt", {Number, Number}] to read the date into a list. Then I use ListPlot[{list1}, PlotRange -> {0, as_big_as_I_need}] and it plots very nicely.
    However, I cannot figure out how to manipulate individual members in my list (i.e. multiply all the x-values [the first "Number"] by something. How can I manipulate all the first or the second "Number(s)" in a list like this?

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    Re: How to do this in Mathematica??

    list[[All,2]] would give a list of all of the second elements
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    Re: How to do this in Mathematica??

    Perfect thanks!
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